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Welcome to All My Love Creations, an online business based in North Carolina. AMLC caters to many people from artists, crafters, DIY-ers, gardeners, and everyone in between. With our main focus on indoor and greenhouse gardening, All My Love Creations is home to an impressive collection of plants to peak everyone's interest. AMLC believes everyone should give gardening a try and our goal is to help make that happen by offering a wide range of plant options, specialty services, and inspiration to transform your visions into beautiful, sustainable, and relaxing spaces through the use of plants.

As a Registered Nursery in North Carolina, All My Love Creations provides an ever-changing and eccentric online selection of plants, pots, and planters that will surprise you. Each plant comes with its very own in-depth Plant Profile to increase your plant's chances of success once you bring it home. No more generic care tags, rotting, or root-bound plants! AMLC cultivates and sells healthy nursery stock. Have your own potting material? All My Love Creations has options for everyone including leaf and stem cuttings of your favorite succulent or indoor houseplant. Make your space greener with AMLC today!


Remember, all that you need to get started is a single plant! Overwhelmed? Visit our CONTACT page to send a quick message or give feedback on how to improve your indoor gardening experience. AMLC is more than happy to help with plant selection and general advice. All My Love Creations wants you and your plant to thrive! 

All My Love Creations strives to give an online shopping experience that is as fun as possible. In doing so, there are numerous options available to make your plant special to you! Visit the SHOP to see our growing nursery inventory and the options we have available!

About All My Love Creations

AMLC endeavors to be as "unstructurally creative" as possible to allow for the creation of a variety of goods and services delightfully and excitingly that promote fun, relaxation, and education. All My Love Creations believes creativity is at the heart of what it means to be human. Creativity grants us the ability to view and process the world in entertaining and gratifying ways that connect many aspects of people's lives. Through this, perspectives can change and merge to fully appreciate the variety of colors, shapes, and patterns the world comes in by providing a foundation for endless ideas, concepts, plans, projects, and goals.


All My Love Creations is built by being unstructurally creative. This peculiar and unconventional life and business structure have been beneficial for All My Love Creations by providing multiple outlets for emotional, physical, and spiritual stimulation through creativity. The result? Producing astonishing products for everyone to enjoy.

AMLC guarantees that there is something for everyone. If you don't find what you are looking for or have something specific in mind, send us your feedback! We will do our best to help in any way we can!

Send All My Love Creations your feedback or Contact us for questions!

All My Love Creations is constantly working to update and evolve our products and Collections. All products are sold online at our SHOP with Pickup and Delivery options. Visit our site frequently to see new and improved products. Use the CONTACT page to get in touch with AMLC.

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